Beyond The Box: Playing It Short


At Just for Laughs ComedyPRO
July 25 – 28, 2018

Just for Laughs and the International Academy of Web Television (IAWTV) invite you – the comics, writers, creators and producers on the cutting edge of comedy – to present your show ideas to a panel of industry experts in an open-pitch forum at the Just for Laughs ComedyPRO Conference.

Projects should be based on or inspired by stories, sketches or characters developed by writers, producers, showrunners, stand-up comics, improv groups, sketch comedy teams and comedy writers working with performance-based formats. We’re looking for fresh ideas that make us laugh.

We offer two (2) pitch formats: Beyond the Box: Playing It Short, our short-form format aimed at digital platforms (no greater than 15 minutes), and From Set to Screen: TV, OTT, SVOD and More presented by Project 10, which is intended for long-form single or multi-camera series (half-hour or longer). If you’re interested in the long-form pitch, click HERE to check out the submission guidelines for From Set to Screen: TV, OTT, SVOD and More. If you’d like to submit to the short format pitch, keep reading!

A maximum of five (5) projects per format will be selected and presented to a panel of leading comedy industry executives and decision-makers in an open-forum pitch session. Accepted applicants will be given five (5) minutes to present their work in this unique opportunity and gain unparalleled access to top comedy industry professionals.

Beyond the Box: Playing it Short

Submissions here are digital first shows with episode lengths no greater than 15 minutes. These pitches include scripted, animation, factual, variety and sketch – but all shorter form series ideas aimed at YouTube, or other digital platforms. Past panelists for Beyond the Box open-forum pitch have included executives from: CBC Comedy, CollegeHumor, Fullscreen, Funny or Die, Maker Studios, Yahoo and YouTube.


For the fourth consecutive year, the International Academy of Web Television (IAWTV) and Just for Laughs are searching for the funniest, new, innovative online short form comedy content.

Whether you’re an established YouTube Channel Partner or just starting out building your YouTube subscriber base, this is your chance to pitch your new content ideas to the decision makers who can bring you the audience you seek.

We’re looking for series ideas that lend themselves to bite-sized viewing, whether serialized stories or thematically linked pieces such as Kids React or Honest Trailers.

Online stars such as Rooster Teeth, Daily Grace, Smosh and Annoying Orange and series such as Epic Rap Battles, HusbandsThe Guild, The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl, Space Riders: Division Earth, and Honest Trailers all have their roots in comedy.

Submission Instructions:

Submission packets can be uploaded by first clicking on the PAY AND SUBMIT button at the bottom of this page and must adhere to the specific guidelines for each format. After you have paid your $50.00 USD submission fee, you will receive an e-mail with detailed submission instructions.


Submission Materials:

• Series bible that provides an overview of your show concept as well as an outline of the pilot episode, series progression, and professional bios of the creative and production team.
• Complete pilot script OR pilot episode. NOTE: Where completed pilot video is included in the pitch, it cannot have been produced prior to 2017.
• Episode budget top-sheet
• ADDITIONAL video illustrating and/or supporting your series treatment. Examples of video submissions can include, but are not limited to: excerpt of stand-up act, taped sketch that highlights character(s), produced scenes. Submitted video should not exceed fifteen (15) minutes in length.
• Non-refundable fee of $50.00 USD

** Please CLEARLY identify your project as participating in the “BEYOND THE BOX” format.

In addition, please note the following for all submissions:
• The Just for Laughs Stand Up & Pitch Program is open to applicants worldwide
• All submissions must be English
• Submitted materials will not be returned
• Deadline to submit ALL materials will be announced in January 2018.
• All uploaded and submitted documents and materials must be clearly labeled with the project title, project format, applicants name, contact telephone and email.
• All applicants will be contacted via email so please ensure that you provide a working email address.
• You can submit more than one project to each format section. You can also submit the same project idea to each format section but you must provide the corresponding submission materials.
• You may submit as a team. Performers that work and/or produce in partnership with writers/directors/producers are welcome to submit a collaborative piece.
• All submissions are reviewed by the Just For Laughs Stand Up & Pitch Program Committee. Final selections are at the complete discretion of this committee.
• A non-refundable fee of $50.00 USD must be included with each submission (credit card payment only). If your project is not selected the fee may be applied to a Just for Laughs attendee pass.
• Members of the selected teams will receive INDUSTRY passes to Just for Laughs ComedyPRO and the Just For Laughs Festival.


One winner will be selected during the event to receive a complimentary one-year membership to the IAWTV, as well as 2 tickets to attend the next IAWTV Awards (travel and accommodations NOT provided.) All finalists and the winner will retain the rights to their projects throughout the process.

Please read the Terms and Conditions before paying your fee and submitting your project.

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If you have any questions or problems, please contact us at

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IAWTV members include actors, agents, composers, content developers, directors, editors, producers, technology innovators, writers, and other industry professionals all of whom joined the organization based on their passion and dedication to advance the craft of digital entertainment.

The IAWTV Awards celebrates the best in digital entertainment. Established for digital content creators by digital content creators, they are voted on by the digital entertainment professionals who comprise the IAWTV membership. Past winners have included Felicia Day (The Guild), Jane Espenson and Brad Bell (Husbands), Julia Stiles (Blue), Grace Helbig (Daily Grace), Bill Maher (CrazyStupidPolitics), Larry King (Larry King Now), and many incredible series that have changed the way people think about watching video online.

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