That’s What She Said

Thursday, July 25
1515 - 1615 (3:15 - 4:15 PM)

Address: 1255 Rue Jeanne Mance, Montreal, QC, H5B 1E5

Now more than ever, female empowerment is impacting the comedic landscape in an unprecedented fashion, but there is still a long way to go. At it’s core, the issue of gender parity across the media landscape, and the systematic barriers in every level of entertainment must be addressed and tackled from within the industry. How can we ensure that equally-qualified women are as represented in the writer’s room, in the director’s chair, in key roles on the set, in front of the camera and in top executive roles as their male counterparts? And how can we create a more level playing field and pay scale? Women, and men too, are speaking up and taking action in a number of ways and setting an example for all in the comedy industry to follow. Hear from trail-blazing women in the comedy industry as they discuss the unfunny fight for equal respect, equal opportunity and equal pay.

Gift of the United States Government

Moderator: Samata Narra (President, Film2Future)


Cindy Chupack (Writer, Director)

Debbie Liebling (Executive Producer)

Deniese Davis (Producer, COO, ColorCreative)

Jamila Hunter (President of Television, Khalabo Ink Society)

Jandiz Cardoso (Senior Director, Talent Development Inclusion, NBC Universal)


Access: ALL pass holders are allowed into this event