Creative Executive Producer

Zoe Friedman is a creative executive/producer who has a keen ability to identify talent and
create innovative series and has been doing so for the past 15 years. Her instinctive eye for
talent has its roots in her childhood where she grew up at the world famous Improvisation
Comedy Club started by her parents in 1963.
She recently left her role as Senior Vice President at Warner Bros TV, where she was recruited
to head up comedy at Blue Ribbon Content, WBTV’s newly formed digital division. While at
WBTV, she addressed the rapidly evolving needs of the emerging streaming landscape by
developing a slate of scripted series that landed deals at every platform. Whether short-form,
long-form, IP based, traditional or streaming, Zoe continues to develop stories, formats, creators
and ideas that define platforms.
Prior to Warner Bros, she spent eleven years at Comedy Central, where she bought, developed
and oversaw stand-out programming such as Nathan For You, Review with Forrest MacNeil,
Drawn Together, Lil Bush, Dog Bites Man, Crank Yankers, Root of All Evil, Comedians of
Comedy, and Important Things with Demetri Martin.
Her passion for comedy is what drives her to continue to create content with humor and heart.
In 2013, Zoe executive produced the EPIX documentary The Improv: 50 Years Behind The
Brick Wall . Telling the origin story of the Improvisation was a dream come true for her. Zoe had
the good fortune to interview Judd Apatow, Larry David, Jerry Seinfeld, Jimmy Fallon, Richard
Lewis, Jay Leno, Bill Maher, Kathy Griffin, and the Wayans Brothers for the documentary
That same passion fueled her to start Comedy Gives Back in 2011, a new type of organization
that combines comedy, charity and technology. In 2013, Zoe and her two partners, produced
the first ever 24-hour live-streamed digital telethon raising money and awareness to eradicate
Malaria. Due to her deep relationships, the global “digi-thon” featured comedians including Zach
Galifianakis, Marc Maron, Jimmy Kimmel, Maria Bamford, Reggie Watts, Kevin Nealon, Andy
Daly, David Wain, Ronnie Cheng, Adam Hills, Scott Aukerman, JoKoy, and many more. The
live-streamed show was nominated for an Emmy and the format optioned by TBS.
Currently, Comedy Gives Back has pivoted to be a non-profit whose sole focus is to create a
safety net for stand-up comedians. CGB offers health insurance, access to mental health
workers and addiction specialists, and grants for financial crisis to stand-up comedians who
have been working for 5+ years who have fallen on hard times.

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