Podcast Host, Comedian

Thomas Leblanc is an unapologetic French-Canadian-yet-anglophile-ginger-gay-performer. After a storied quarter-life crisis, his initial fantasy career choice was to become a contemporary dancer–not a comedian. Before making the switch to punchlines, Thomas worked as editor-in-chief for indie music and culture magazine, Nightlife, as booker for acclaimed Quebec talk show host Christiane Charette, and as cultural commentator for Radio-Canada’s ICI Première. At OFF JFL 2016, Thomas Leblanc co-created SAINTE CÉLINE, a bilingual cabaret completely inspired by Quebec’s own queen of handbags and power ballads, with extraordinary comedienne, Tranna Wintour. The following year, the duo returned to the festival with CRAZY SEXY 90’S, a trip down the road of female-fronted music from the decade that gave us Girl Power. With Tranna, Thomas also hosts Chosen Family, a podcast featuring interviews with luminaries from art and comedy, such as Jen Kirkman, Eileen Myles, Sandra Bernhard, Jerry Saltz, and Patsy Gallant.