Founder, Technology Development Coordinator, The ComedyCures Foundation

As a sought-after Speaker and Health and Happiness Expert, Saranne is regularly featured on CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX & PBS. From stage IV cancer patient to ComedyCures CEO, Oprah celebrates Saranne Rothberg as her “Hero” in Oprah’s book “Live Your Best Life”. Saranne launched The ComedyCures Foundation from her chemo chair in 1999 to bring, joy, hope, laughter and therapeutic entertainment to other patients and their caregivers. Today, Saranne is cancer-free. Saranne has helped over one million people at over 1,400 live events rediscover their funny bones.

Saranne was the first therapeutic humor expert called to Ground Zero after September 11th. She then produced “FundaySunday” which was the first therapeutic reunion on Broadway for the victims’ children. Saranne went on to launch UN Women with the former President of Chile. Saranne gave the first closing “TEDx Talk” at The United Nations, in addition to producing the first comedy event in the history of The United Nations.

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