Vice Chairman, International Academy of Web Television

Sandra Payne is an award-winning Writer/Director/Producer and the Vice Chairman of the International Academy of Web Television, a division of The Caucus. She has directed and produced more than 90 episodes of various web series, including “The Web.Files,” the 2012 winner of Best Hosted (Taped) Web Series, for which she was also nominated as best director. Sandra started her Hollywood career writing ancillary content for the PBS show, “Wishbone,” and then became a staff writer for the global juggernaut, “Barney & Friends.” She has made several award-winning short films, along with three award-winning trailers for the Austin Film Festival through her production company, SPwrite Productions, LLC, which specializes in digital content, and local commercials. Sandra currently runs the IAWTV Writers Group in Los Angeles and is busy writing feature scripts, a novel, and, of course, more web series.