Writer/Executive Producer

Rich Rinaldi is an Emmy Award winning Writer/Executive Producer for Fox’s Bob’s Burgers.

Before his extremely happy existence at Bob’s Burgers, he wrote for such critically acclaimed shows as The Sarah Silverman Program and for some critically shat-on shows as well.

He is an uncredited writer on the 2013 summer blockbuster We’re The Millers and has rewritten other movies (and sold originals) that are still “in development” (aka collecting dust).

Rich Rinaldi grew up in Marin, just north of San Francisco.  He is the youngest of five children – he has four older sisters. They’re all very hilarious and mildly crazy.

These sisters are a super big reason why Rich is funny and why he chose a career in comedy writing.

Before Rich Rinaldi’s family arrived in Marin, some of his ancestors lived here in Montreal.

Some pretty cool cousins still reside in Montreal.  And they say their bagels are the best in the world.  And they might not be wrong.

His Grandmother, Great-Grandmother, Great-Grandfather, and Great-Great-Great-Grandmother all lived in Montreal.

They never went to the Just For Laughs Festival in the early 1900’s, but I assume they all knew that one day their Great-Great-Grandson would.

His Great-Great-Great-Grandmother was the O.G. of the family – the original comedy writer.  Prior to immigrating to Montreal, she was a poor widow living in England.

She had three children she couldn’t afford to take care of and dreamt of a better life, so one day she entered a limerick contest put on by a newspaper.  Lo and behold, she won.

And so Great-Great-Great-Grandmother Emily Maude flipped a coin to decide where her new life would be – Australia (boo!) or Canada (yay!)… and it turned up Canada!

And that’s how they wound up in Montreal, Rich Rinaldi wound up in comedy, and why you’re stuck here reading all this.

The End.