Stand Up & Pitch 2019 – From Set to Screen: TV, OTT, SVOD & More

Creator, Writer

Katya Gardner has been a film and television actor for over 20 years. She has played a wide range of roles with credits ranging from “The X-Files”, “The Outer Limits”, “The City” and “Odyssey 5”. Katya has also starred with Charisma Carpenter in “Cheaters Club” and Rob Lowe in “Stir of Echoes: The Homecoming”. She has worked with such notable directors as: Guy Maddin, Mina Shum, Jerry Ciccoritti and Bruce MacDonald, just to name a few. Currently she is enjoying success as a screenwriter. She had a development deal with CBC for a ground-breaking legal drama, had a TV Pilot place in the finals of a US TV Writer competition, and a feature film that was awarded production funding from Telefilm Canada. Katya was recently one of the comedy writers on APTN Comedy/Variety series “The Guilt Free Zone”