Catch the next best comedy series pitches!

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Catch the next best comedy series pitches! 

Join us for ComedyPRO’s long-running and highly sought-after pitch program, Stand Up & Pitch presented by Project 10 Productions. This 3-session showcase features an exciting line-up of high-powered comedy executives offering invaluable insight to a curated selection of new projects, aimed at broadcast and streaming audiences. 

In addition, we welcome back the ever-popular CBC Comedy Pitch Program. CBC Executives and show producers will hear project pitches from this new crop of Canada’s most noteworthy rising comedy creators with a homegrown selection of exciting new, scripted, animated, and unscripted work.

Watch tomorrow's top creators and today's tv veterans put comedy development into action at this year's ComedyPRO, July 27-30. Scroll down for a look at all the exciting projects being showcased this year.



The Citiots

It's Street Smarts versus Country Know-How when a crooked realtor cons first-time home buyers that he's dubbed as city-idiots, a.k.a The Citiots. Revenge has never been funnier, sweeter, or served cooler in these tales of assimilation gone awry

American as Fuck

An abrasive and uneducated country music star loses everything after a scandal. Desperate to make ends meet, he convinces undocumented immigrants to take his American history and English classes as they apply for US citizenship.

Late Night That Night

An historical satirical late night show exploring topical issues from specific dates of yesteryear.
Drunk History meets Documentary Now! by way of The Late Show.

The Great Escape

Con artist and liar extraordinaire, Liberty escapes prison only to end up trapped in a different sort of cell: a Hollywood escape room. In an ever-changing parody setting, Liberty agrees to coach the fledgling actors working at “The Great Escape,” but acting coach is merely another part to play for the silver-tongued swindler as she eludes a familiar detective while pursuing her greatest con yet: stealing the fortune of a star-actress-turned-escape-room-owner…


Action Man

When the life's work of Jack Madigan, a retired '90s action movie star, is cancelled and his fortune runs dry, he attempts a comeback with Tinka Larkson, a reluctant but ambitious manager half his age, in a Hollywood he doesn't recognize.

Pioneer Girl

When a feminist history Ph.D. goes rogue on her male academic advisor for stealing her ideas, she’s forced to take a job at her worst nightmare—a cheesy pioneer village where it’s always 1867 and women don’t even have the vote.

Naki Blues

A burned out Californian policewoman moves to New Zealand for love, but her peaceful ambitions are railroaded by her overbearing in-laws and a ludicrous murder investigation.


Years after seeing an arranged marriage at the altar, the directionless Sameera is still mopping up her messy life in LA with the help of her also struggling friends. Oh, but her ex-ancée just moved in next door, and he's kinda attractive now. (Multicam Ensemble Comedy)



Set in the mid-90's, a basketball-loving Indian teen living in a racially diverse suburb, struggles to hide his taboo hobbies from his overbearing, conservative family.

Bottle Service is Dead

Bottle Service is Dead— a comedy series about NYC’s hottest nightclub, Gold Room and its eclectic staff of bottle waitresses and bartenders. It’s more than just sex, drugs, and DJs— it’s the quiet spots at the service station, the VIP bar, the bathroom, and outdoor smoke breaks where the real story takes shape. Bottle Service is Dead, is told through two different timelines, the present 2022, and the future 2075–the ensemble of actors play themselves in old face, reminiscing about their wild adventures working at Gold Room.

Character Debates

Lively and comedic conflict erupt as 2 comedians in character match wits on a high stakes topic in an improvised debate.

Easily Solved Mysteries

Easily Solved Mysteries is a satire of the modern day mystery/docuseries show, with its backdrop of the “every day life”, exploring “every day” situations. Most situations being obviously and profoundly stupid.


Nine Months to Die

A government employee with little life ambition has his world of leisure implode after his girlfriend unexpectedly breaks up with him. When he can’t pull himself from his tailspin, he encounters a strange figure with an even stranger offer.

Off the Rails Comedy

Off The Rails is a live, interactive, improvised stand-up comedy show that has run for over 7 years. Starting in Ottawa, Off The Rails now makes its home at Toronto’s world famous Comedy Bar. Off the Rails Comedy will present highlights from 4 comedians performing live, improvised stand-up comedy, intertwined with green room footage that builds tension and engages viewers, in a weekly, 30 minute format.

Hostel Environment

After inheriting a victorian-style house in downtown, St. John’s, Newfoundland, Matt, Olive, and Barx, three mid 20’s slackers and schemers, try their best to run a hostel while using every guest as an opportunity to get ahead.

H.E.R.O. Squad

A trio of fantasy adventurers - a super anxious human fighter, a feral elf druid and a debaucherous gnome wizard – are forced together to become H.E.R.O. Squad – first responders tasked with protecting the realm from supernatural problems, magical disasters, and demonic monsters. Travelling across the expansive and diverse Kingdom of Nasmara, the trio work together to close cases and level up skills...and also slowly begin to unravel a decades-long global conspiracy that threatens their way of magical life!

Plain Sight

The murder of a notorious small town scoundrel, along with a series of bizarre crimes, sets a private investigator on the trail of the killer—but the corrupt police force and townsfolk thwart the investigation at every turn.

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