Just For Laughs ComedyPRO Stand Up & Pitch Series EXTENDS SUBMISSION DEADLINE: SATURDAY MAY 22, 2021

Just For Laughs ComedyPRO, invite you – the comics, writers, creators and producers on the cutting edge of comedy – to submit your series ideas for a chance to present to a panel of industry experts in a secure and virtual setting, at this year’s ComedyPRO being held July 28-31, 2021.

ComedyPRO offers two (2) pitch formats: Beyond the Box: Playing It Short, presented by Stareable which showcases short-form content aimed at digital platforms (no greater than 15 minutes), and From Set to Screen: TV, OTT, SVOD and more presented by Project 10 Productions, which is intended for long-form single or multi-camera series (half-hour or longer).

Meet this year’s panelists (more to come!)

Beyond the Box: Playing it Short
These pitches include scripted, animation, factual, variety and sketch, all shorter form series ideas aimed at platforms such as Snap, Apple TV, Sundance TV, and YouTube. Learn more at

From Set to Screen: TV, OTT, SVOD and More presented by Project 10 Productions
These pitches are single or multi-camera scripted sitcoms, game shows, reality shows, variety, sketch or animation series intended for a half-hour or longer running time per episode. Learn more at


“As a comic and sketch performer, Just For Laughs is already an incredible experience to rub shoulders with your peers and luminaries in comedy, and then to get an opportunity to stand up & pitch to the best in the business makes it even better...especially, if you win (like we did)!”
-- Daheli Hall, Writer, Actor, Dear White People, (Netflix), currently appearing in Bad Hair (Hulu), Stand Up & Pitch 2017 winner (Angry Black Women)


“ComedyPro Stand Up & Pitch was a crash course in performing a pitch. Pitching on stage with execs on one side and an audience on another gives you immediate feedback to what works. It was an invaluable experience and one I'll never forget.”
-- Ron Eigen, Director, Editor, soon to be released feature documentary The One and Only Dick Gregory, 2019 Stand Up & Pitch finalist (Groceries)

For more information on how to submit, please visit