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Meet top comedy Executives!

15 Minutes with Power Broker, one of the conference’s most coveted highlights, consists of one-on-one meetings with Power Brokers. With our panelist list once again featuring executives from big name companies like ABC Entertainment, Amazon Studios, Bell Media, BET+, CBS Studios, FOX Entertainment, Hulu, Showtime, WarnerMedia, Project 10 Productions and more…. We assure you won’t want to miss this event! This year’s meetings will take place online, as part of the conference’s 100% virtual format.

Sign up for one-on-one meetings with Power Brokers is now open in a first come first serve model, with maximum 3 bookings per pass holder. Bookings can be done through Please show up at least 5 minutes before your power broker session!


Scroll down for a sneak peak at some of this year’s Power Brokers!

The full lineup can be found at

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