Owner, Pickwick & Frolic/Hilarities 4th St. Theatre

In 2000, Nick took the biggest chance of his entire career, seeing the vision that would become E 4th St before anyone else was brave enough to give the dilapidated stretch of road a second chance, let alone to become a new downtown Cleveland, regional street destination. Armed with blue-prints and a dream, Nick, his daughter Dina, and his team created and designed a one-of-a-kind, 27,000 square foot dining and entertainment complex. “Pickwick & Frolic” opened in 2002, and is the primary name of Nick’s ‘baby’. The property houses five distinct spaces all under one roof: Pickwick & Frolic Restaurant, Hilarities 4th St. Theatre, Kevin’s Martini Bar and Tap Room, the Frolic Cabaret, and Northeast Ohio’s only Champagne Bar. The Pickwick & Frolic family will soon celebrate its 18th year on E 4th St., as well as to celebrate Hilarities’ 35th year.