VP, Comedy Development, NBC Entertainment

David Sleven began his career in television as an assistant with 20th Century Fox TV.  He then transitioned into Comedy Development at the Fox Broadcasting Company as the Coordinator of development.  A year later David was promoted to Manager of Comedy Development where along with developing live-action comedies, he was given the responsibility of improving Fox’s animation development strategy.

In this role, Mr. Sleven significantly enhanced the way that Fox Broadcasting develops animated shows by taking the focus off of traditional script development and redirecting time and resources into the production of presentations with animators. During this time, he introduced Loren Bouchard to Fox, who went on to create Fox’s most recent animated success, the Emmy-winning show BOB’S BURGERS.  Sleven played an important role in the development of BOB’S BURGERS as well as THE CLEVELAND SHOW, ALLEN GREGORY and the live action show BREAKING IN.

Mr. Sleven then accepted a promotion into the current department, where he served as the Director of Current programming.  He covered the day-to-day creative for a wide range of shows including BOB’S BURGERS, THE CLEVELAND SHOW, SIT DOWN SHUT UP, ALLEN GREGORY, AMERICAN DAD, and THE SIMPSONS as well as live-action shows LIE TO ME, BREAKING IN, and RUNNING WILDE.

In 2011 David made the move to join the comedy development department at NBC.  Since then he has played an integral role in helping reestablish NBC as a destination for high quality comedy.  He has been heavily involved in the development of a number of shows including SUPERSTORE,  THE GOOD PLACE, THE CARMICHAEL SHOW, UNDATEABLE, TRIAL & ERROR, and AP BIO, as well as new comedies I FEEL BAD and ABBY’S.