What’s in a Name? Just For Laughs Comedy Conference Renamed ComedyPro

May 22, 2013

What’s in a name? Just For Laughs Comedy Conference renamed ComedyPro. An interview with Paul Ronca, Just for Laughs ComedyPro Director.


The business of comedy is serious one, and who better to be your guide than Just For Laughs, the world’s best comedy festival?

ComedyPro is this year’s revamped and renamed conference, focused on exploring the diverse and ever-changing comedy landscape. We talk to ComedyPro director, Paul Ronca, about the name change and what it signifies for this year’s conference.

Q: Why has Just For Laughs changed the name of the conference from the Comedy Conference to ComedyPro?

PR: Our goal this year and moving forward is to create a unique industry event for the biggest players in comedy. We wanted to strengthen programming while maintaining a clear industry focus. So, our first move was to create a strong name and brand that reflects who and what we are.

Q: Does this signal a new direction?

PR: Yes. We’ve tried to be two events for industry and fans in the last four years. But now we’re going to focus solely on the industry. Our doors are still opened to fans who want to experience what goes on behind the scenes. But our objective remains to satisfy industry needs while doing what Just For Laughs has always done best: entertaining people!

Q: How is the conference different this year?

PR: This year we’ll have a greater focus on web and TV, plus lots of new speakers and panelists.

Q: What can we look forward to?

PR: There will be lots of learning and insight, but also lots of surprises and laughter. That’s what makes our event unique.

Q: Who is this conference for? Will those starting out in their career and old pros equally get something out of it?

PR: The conference is for anyone in the business of comedy with a clear focus on web, new media and TV. Those starting out in their career will definitely get something out of this, plus they will make new friends to help them in the future. The old pros will get something out of this too, but more selectively. They tend to pick and choose the things that they know will either help them or entertain them.

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